Pre-Employment Check Ups

Pre-employment check-ups are required to cover occupational and safety hazards at workplace and ensure that the selected candidate is medically fit for the job. – e.g.: a person with TB in a call center, a cook with typhoid in a restaurant, an asthmatic as an AC mechanic or a color blind person in a clothing store, etc

What do they consist of?

Why Pre employment checkups?


New applicant should be free from medical conditions that could result in sudden incapacitation that can lead to an accident, especially, for health and safety sensitive jobs. Examples of such jobs are driving, piloting, etc.


Pre-employment is a means to establish baseline health data against which future health status of the employee be compared. It is also a means of identifying existing medical conditions, including contagious diseases which could be adversely affected by occupational exposures.

Productivity and Efficiency

Pre-employment medical examination is the means by which employers can satisfy themselves that new recruits are free from medical conditions which can affect the productivity of the new recruits once they are employed.


The cost of medical treatment is escalating. Employers who provide coverage on medical care especially the ones, who provide full, unlimited coverage, are concerned on this. They are not willing to employ job applicants who suffer from medical conditions that have high medical cost potential. It is a good practice if measures are taken at protecting co-workers as well as the public from becoming infected through direct contact with an infected food handler or by means of contaminated food handled by such a person.

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