Heart Checkup

“There is a heart attack every 20 sec. There is a heart attack death every minute. 2 in every 5 death is from a heart disease.”

When confronted with numbers like this, how can anybody not be worried by heart disease? Once your heart stops beating, you are dead. Yes, there are cases where modern medicine has revived people to get their heart beating again but this is no reason to take your heart lightly. It’s important to look at numbers like this when thinking about a heart test. When going for a heart check up in Mumbai or Pune remember that doctors are always looking for signs of any lifestyle as well as genetic causes of heart disease when performing heart check up tests.

Coronary Heart Disease is linked to cholesterol. Cholesterol starts to develop from when people are young and keeps building up in the arteries. It deposits itself in the arteries as plaque. Cholesterol is not bad when it is in your body in small amounts. It is necessary for your cells to function and maintains the liquidity of the cells.

Cholesterol comes in two types: Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and High Density Lipoproteins(HDL). Your body only needs a finite amount of LDL and any excess will circulate in your blood. Over time this is what accumulates in your blood vessels and creates problems like atherosclerosis. Consuming food high in HDL will clean up excess LDL in your blood vessels that could lead to blockages.

New blood vessels are sometimes grown around the blockage but they won’t carry blood that is as oxygen rich. This poses a high risk factor but the risk already begins when plaque starts to build up and creates an abnormal blood flow. If this plaque breaks inside the vessel, it can create a blood clot which could be fatal as it would obstruct blood flow to an organ in your body. A heart check up would allow us to look at your blood sugar and the rhythm of your heartbeat among other things. Cigarette smoking, obesity, diabetes and a family history of coronary heart disease are the main reasons for heart disease. With centres in Hyderabad, vijaywada and Tirupathi and, we at Godavari Diagnostic Centre take your heart and your heart test seriously.

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