Pathology Tests

They say a bad workman blames his tools, however without the right tools the right work won’t get done. The field of medical technology is always advancing and new technology is being developed to keep up with the new dangers that have been created in the modern world. At Godavari Diagnostic Centre, our pathology labs in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and our pathology labs in Tirupathi are continuously upgraded. all of which can be seen on this website.

Even as testing becomes more advanced, not all testing advances equally. Advances in pathology lab technology also depend on a variety of factors like how many people will benefit from new technology, the necessity of it, the spread of diseases among the population and the severity of the diseases that the new technology could prevent or cure. There are some basic pieces of equipment that a pathology lab would need: e.g. microscopes which are needed to take a close look at samples from your body that need testing, centrifuges which work by spinning samples to separate heavier particles in liquids, test tubes which allow us to contain your samples as long as we need it, fridges to store samples at optimum temperatures, blood pressure monitors to check patients when they show up for testing, hypodermic needles to draw blood etc. In addition to this, there are many pieces of equipment meant for scanning and testing for the presence of health threatening components.

This has brought a good understanding into what kind of services are being offered in the west and how to bridge the gap in the east where it is more needed at this point in time. Godavari Diagnostic Centre views the Indian subcontinent as a great opportunity for growth in this region because good diagnostic services will prevent the spread of diseases and allow us to examine what kind of threats we face in the regions we live in.
Choosing good health for you and your family means choosing Godavari Diagnostic Centre for your medical tests. Our focus on preventing diseases combines in what we hear all the time ‘Prevention is better than cure’. When you’re sick, you think of going to your doctor but whether you’re sick or well, think of Godavari Diagnostic Centre as your expert in preventive healthcare.

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